Mountain Method Ltd is a small family business owned and run by Fiona Butcher. Here in rain-ravaged Cumbria, we have access to a vast range of wet weather in all its forms, from famous Lake District mizzle, to proper stair rods. We know a lot about  rain, wind and snow – our waterproofs are worn and tested in real weather!

As with most waterproof clothing manufacturers, our origins go back to a time when you could not buy the kit you needed to keep dry and warm in the outdoors. In the early 1970’s a small company was born called Tulloch Mountain Craft, based in the Highlands of Scotland, making waterproofs and pile jackets (the pre-cursor to the fleece of today).

The company folded in the mid-seventies, and in 1981 the founder, David Challis, set up another company in the Lake District, called Mountain Method , which became registered in 1986.

In the early eighties, the company was run from home in the garage; the hot air seam sealing machine had not been invented, and the seams were sealed with Evostick, painted on with a brush!

Fortunately, the taping machine was invented, enabling glue to be heated on a tape and stuck to the seams, sealing them evenly and the waterproofing process became far easier, and a lot more waterproof from then on!

Not so much later the breathable membrane was invented, revolutionising the waterproof garment – they actually became pleasant to wear! – and bringing with it the birth of very advanced fabric technology.

Cumbria Hail

View from Swinside

Mountain Method moved to its present small factory unit location in 1993, and in 1996 after the death of David, his daughter Fiona Butcher took over the running of the company, still doing so today.

Made in England! We can say this totally truthfully! Everything is done on the premises here in Millom. We have always kept to smaller quantities so we wouldn’t have to manufacture overseas (No sneaky having garments made in China, then finishing them off in the UK  and then adding Made in UK label – the job is all done here!) and consequently our quality has remained consistent.

Making waterproofs is something we are very good at! We have been doing it for a long time, and have a long-serving very knowledgeable workforce. Our staff are skilled, experienced and proud of the garments they make. Quality control is of paramount importance – everything is checked at all stages of production.

We also pride ourselves on our delivery times – we are flexible, deliver when we say and are flexible enough to deliver when you need it!

Virtually all our fabrics and most trims are sourced in the UK. The fabrics we use are tested to nearly twice the British standard for waterproofness – any cloth that does not meet this standard is no good to us, you, or your customers! (and we go out in the real rain as well!)

All seams are sewn in bonded nylon thread for extra strength, and then fully seam-seal taped for total waterproof confidence.

We make a lot of special one-off made to measure garments; if you need extra leg length, or shorter arms etc, and we work with customers developing new products – we don’t only make waterproofs! Many different products can be made using waterproof fabrics…