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Made to Measure

Made-to-Measure Service

We offer a made-to-measure service.
Have you been looking for extra long or extra short waterproof trousers and can’t find them? Look no further!!!
Do you need an extra wide, but not too long jacket? You’ve found the right place!!!


Ventile is a very special weatherproof natural fabric, 100% cotton, once worn nothing else compares….

In order for it to work at it’s best, two layers are used. When wet the fibres swell locking moisture out, and the inner layer wicks moisture away from the body meaning no condensation. For breathability this fabric has no competitors…

We offer two styles of ventile jacket, a pullover and a zipped version. The patterns we use for these are made for maximum arm movement without sleeves ending up at the elbow.

Ventile Jacket detail