Most of our patterning is done here on site, and is done to your requirements, but you are welcome to approach us with your own pattern.

We now have patterning software too….

The cutting machine has not changed very much since the 1960s. This particular one is probably from the 1970s. A very sharp knife goes up and down very fast, hence the protective chainmail glove! We also use a Proper Pair of Scissors (technical term Shears) for cutting single items – 13” monsters!

We have a number of sewing machines, flat beds, a heavy duty overlocker and Rattling Bess – she’ll sew  through more or less anything and won’t break needles! She’s just a bit noisy….

All sewn seams are fully taped for a totally waterproof seal. Different tapes are used for each different fabric – for the PU coated nylon it’s basically a clear PU tape which is melted onto the seam and sticks to itself, thereby sealing it against incoming moisture. In the case of the 8oz Neoprene coated nylon, and the 3-layer laminate, it is a fabric tape, with glue on one side which is heated and adheres to the coating on the fabric making it waterproof. All can be applied with the same seam-sealing machine, which needs to be set up to different temperatures, air flow rates and tape feed speeds, according to the tape and material. All tapes and fabrics are tested regularly with each new batch to check the setttings are still correct.